Manage And Submit BAS In Australia
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Every Australia-based business needs to submit Business Activity Statements, which involve a way to analyze tax liabilities. However, which type of tax should you pay for your business? It can vary with several factors like the type of products sold, your company’s monetary strength, and the location. But, you may not know every detail of BAS and manage the statements properly. So, we like to come forward and help you. Rely on our professionals and keep away from tax issues.

Your business needs to send the tax report to the Australian Taxation Office at the right time. The net GST amount collected for the ATO is reported through this method.

What do you need for BAS submission?

During the submission of BAS, it is essential to add some important details-

  • Your document ID
  • The reporting period
  • Australian Business Number
  • Your signature

During the particular reporting period, you may not have made any deals. Still, you have to file your statements. In this report, your statement will be shown as nil.

Should every business file the BAS?

Businesses with a revenue of over $20 million yearly should not overlook monthly BAS filing for GST. However, small and medium-sized businesses can file the statement annually and quarterly. Businesses with less than $25,000 yearly obligation can submit PAYG quarterly. But, those who have crossed the limit should submit the PAYG annually.

How do we help you?

Our team has taken the responsibility of interacting with the ATO in favor of your business. We do relevant paperwork to clear your audit. Our certified accountants always try to know the latest GST rules. That is why you have no chance of making incorrect GST claims.

Hire us to prepare the BAS statement and lodge it electronically. We also manage communication with ATO.